How do I apply for housing?

To apply for housing, you may call the office at 631-324-7195 and they will walk you through the process.

What is the income limit for these housing complexes?

The income limits (2023) are set by the federal government and are as follows:

1 person : $53,900
2 persons: $61,600

Am I penalized for having a savings account, money market or investments?

No one is penalized for having money in the bank, HUD requires we document all income. We take the interest earned on funds over $5,000 and add it to your annual income and then if you are not over the federal guidelines, you qualify.

What is included in the rent?

Heat, hot water, garbage collection, building repairs and apartment maintenance (unless something you are responsible for, then it will be charged to the resident), snow shoveling and lawn care.

What’s NOT included?

Electric (although HUD gives each resident a utility allowance), cable, telephone and internet.